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Friday, October 2, 2020

Trump Propaganda, Paid by ICE

Los Angeles, CA – In response to ICE paying for advertising billboards with immigrants faces and the phrase “criminal alien,” NDLON co-executive director Pablo Alvarado made the following statement:

“Having lost its war on sanctuary cities, ICE is placing all its bets on racist electoral stunts. One month away from the election, DHS leadership has determined that rogue agency has a role to play with thinly veiled pro-trumpism propaganda. It’s unlawful of course, and it will only backfire.

“ICE demonizing and doxing of private individuals occurs only days after Donald Trump made visible his individual connection to white nationalist hate groups known to commit acts of violence. It’s the deliberate effort to dehumanize and target an entire population our society has fought before and that every country in the world has pledged to ensure never again happens.

“Ironically, these actions only help us unmask ICE for what it really is- a menace to public safety- and inspire decent people to ensure this hatred has no place in our communities or government.”