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Blue Ribbon Commission: Now’s the Most Important Time for President Obama

to Meet With Undocumented People


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In reaction to the President’s statement during the NATO summit, Maru Mora, member of the Blue Ribbon Commission, issued the following statement:


“It has become clear that now is the most important time for President Obama to meet with undocumented people, it is not enough for immigration lobbysts in Washington to be the sole group of stakeholders meeting with President Obama to discuss the timing and scope of pending administrative changes to immigration policy. This is why members of the Blue Ribbon Commission, a group composed of undocumented people in deportation proceedings and family of people in immigration detention, ask our allies in Washington to press President Obama to meet with us.


“History has shown that people directly impacted by unjust policies are the best advocates for ending them, and that the most basic foundation of citizenship is the right to self representation in issues that affect us directly. History will now judge President Obama’s legacy on the timing and scope of his policies, and on whether he listens to those directly affected to craft the necessary solutions to the deportation crisis.”


On July 28th the Blue Ribbon Commission issued a letter calling on President Obama to meet with undocumented people.



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