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NDLON: Initial Reaction to Delay of Immigration Action


In reaction to the President’s delay of Administrative Relief until after the elections, Pablo Alvarado and Marisa Franco of NDLON issued the following statements:


Pablo Alvarado: There has been a failure of leadership in Washington DC for five years, as many within and around the White House have chosen to use immigrant lives as a political wedge issue. Their hypocrisy is laid bare today, but it will not undermine the resolve of the immigrants whose courage has brought the unjust immigration policy to the forefront of the national agenda.   The President is capitulating to the politics of fear again, but the delay will only serve to unify and embolden the immigrant rights community to escalate its demands.

Marisa: Every time the President has broken a promise and pushed the timeline back, it has escalated expectations for the scope of relief, and this time is no different. We will continue to organize in defense our communities, and we will take bold and aggressive action in defense of equality for immigrants.

Yesterday the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda agreed to boycott meetings with President Obama until he meets with Undocumented people directly impacted by his policies: 


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