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Tuesday, September 7th, 2021
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National Day Laborer Organizing Network Reacts to President Joe Biden Visit to New York and New Jersey

New York, NY – The National Day Laborer Organizing Network released the following statement in response to President Joe Biden visit to New Jersey and New York:

“In disaster after disaster, immigrant workers and families have been excluded from emergency relief and then forced to face wage theft and extraordinarily hazardous conditions as they labor in rebuilding their communities.” said Debora Gonzalez, NDLON’s National Health and Safety Coordinator

President Biden has repeatedly stated his respect for immigrant workers, but he must do much more to protect our rights, NDLON calls upon the Biden Administration and FEMA to ensure that:

  1. Workers and families are made eligible for FEMA support regardless of their immigration status;
  2. Day laborers and all undocumented workers who work in cleanup and reconstruction industry, where workers rights violations are rampant, should be provided with deferred action or other immigration status so that they can speak out; and
  3. All ICE enforcement activities in hurricane affected areas are put on hold to ensure that the brutal repression of ICE does not proceed before the safeguarding of public and worker health and safety.