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Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Contact: Salvador,

NDLON: One simple message, Black Lives Matter

Pasadena, CA – In response to the extrajudicial murder of Mr. George Floyd and nationwide protests calling for an end to police violence, NDLON Co-Executive Director, Pablo Alvarado made the following statement:

“A catastrophic failure of leadership in the United States has created a vacuum that is being filled by people who will no longer tolerate the state-sanctioned violence, kidnapping, and killing that comes with white supremacy.

“We are grateful, unequivocally, to every single person who has actively joined in protesting the murder of George Floyd. They are risking their lives and demonstrating in public to protect all of us and all of our rights.

“Today, we are following their example, and we are following their leadership. We will peacefully protest to deliver one simple message: Black lives matter.”