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Monday, June 15, 2020

REACTION to SCOTUS Denying Review of U.S. v. California

Los Angeles, CA – In response to the U.S. Supreme Court denying the Trump Administration’s request to review California’s sanctuary state law, the CA Values Act (DeLeon SB54), NDLON campaign director Salvador G Sarmiento made the following statement:

“Today’s rebuke of Trump’s frivolous lawsuit removes any doubt about the fact that California acted within its constitutional authority. Trump’s racism is a loser, in the streets and courts.

“We won the moral argument, we’ve been winning the political argument for some time in California, and now crystal clear we are winning the legal arguments too.

“Of course cities and states have the power to tear down nativism and racism in government. The denial of cert today brings us one step closer to the goal of getting ICE out of California completely.”

Read the statement from the ICE out of California coalition here and this thread on the meaning of sanctuary at this critical time in the nation.