Building and organizing a strong local base and developing the leadership skills of community members and advocates are critical to advancing the day laborer cause and building momentum that produces lasting change. At NDLON, clinic we foster the evolution of day laborer organizing models and cultivate the next generation of movement leaders. Leveraging proven methodologies based on popular education that deliver results, online NDLON’s strategic programs are both scalable and replicable, ensuring sustainable impact. Why reinvent the wheel when we can share valuable resources to address our common issues?


Jose F. Pedraza Institute for Leadership Development
Continuing a legacy of leadership by training the next generation of day laborer leaders and organizers.

Day Laborer Organizing Model Facilitating the effective workforce development, integration, and inclusion of migrant communities in the United States.

Art and Culture
Harnessing the power of artistic expression as a catalyst for social and political transformation.

Gender Relations and Equality
Providing an environment where day laborers and organizers, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can redefine themselves within a framework of social equality.

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