Can the pursuit of inclusion, clinic integration and social justice bridge the gaps caused by cultural, political, gender, and racial differences? From immigrant rights to organized labor, we are united by our collective struggle against marginalization and common aspiration of achieving the American dream. NDLON supports a unified movement — of shared infrastructure, knowledge, and resources — to increase the effectiveness of our collective efforts. We are committed to defeating the divide and conquer tactics that further the exploitation and marginalization of the working class. Through collaboration and coalition building, we can create a better future for all workers.


Expanding Grassroots Day Laborer Organizing Networks
Facilitating the connection between local worker centers and day labor organizations to better meet the needs of the community.

Turning the Tide and Excluded Workers Congress
Challenging the criminalization and dehumanization of immigrants and expanding the human right of all workers to organize.

Labor: Substantiating the collective struggle of day laborers and organized labor through watershed partnerships with AFL-CIO and Change to Win, a coalition of American labor unions.

Academia: Partnering with academic institutions to improve analysis, research and evaluations of current and future programs and strategies.

Multi-ethnic: Connecting low-income excluded workers and communities of colors to challenge prevailing power dynamics that impede social and economic mobility.

LGBTQ: Deepening our understanding of internal structures of oppression based on sexual orientation and gender identification.

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