In July, some student activists had protested the selection of Napolitano as UC president because of the deportations enforced by her federal agency. However, on Tuesday she told them that she supports the so-called Trust Act, state legislation that would restrict local police from detaining immigrants without serious criminal records for possible deportation. Napolitano reportedly told them that she has urged Gov. Jerry Brown to sign the bill, which the Legislature passed. Andrea Gordillo, a UC Irvine student activist who advocated for students who do not have legal immigration status, said she was “cautiously optimistic” about future relations with the president. Gordillo, a leader with the UC Multicultural Coalition, said she urged Napolitano to publicly support the Trust Act and to take other steps that would lift the fear of deportations. She said the president “listened respectfully” but made no firm commitments. Gordillo said her group will follow up to ensure the issues are not forgotten.

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