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October 4, 2019
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Immigrant and Civil Rights Groups Respond to Federal Court Ruling Opening Door to White Nationalist-Inspired SB168

Miami, Florida —In response to a federal court ruling not to block a controversial anti-immigrant law (SB168) from going into effect on October 1, various immigrant and civil rights groups made the following statements.

“These are clearly attempts to further criminalize hard working families, the objective is to instill fear. This legislation not only seeks to impose federal enforcement on localities, which we all know is unconstitutional, but also exacerbates the national crisis of racial profiling, unlawful arrests, and distrust between local law enforcement and communities of color. Orlando is better than that and it’s time we all take a stand on the right side of history.”
– Zoé Colón, Puerto Rican activist, Orlando

“Again, a federal court in Florida has failed us and sided with the fear and hate that is at the heart of this legislation. We applaud South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard for saying no to gutter level politics and boldly joining the lawsuit to challenge this unjust law. Ironically, these hate-filled laws will only galvanize more people to get involved, register to vote, and find courageous champions such as Stoddard to support in the next election. We won’t accept silence, it’s time to be bold.”
– Esteban Garces, Co-Executive Director of Poder Latinx and member of the newly created City of Orlando Multicultural Advisory Committee

“In the past week, federal courts across the country have stood up for the rights of immigrants by blocking unconstitutional deportation schemes. Sadly, Florida didn’t get the memo. It’s time we all collectively challenge the politics of hate and fear-mongering at the core of this law. We expect our elected officials and sheriffs to do the same.”
– Oscar Londoño, Staff Attorney & Miami Project Director at the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON)

“This decision is a step back in the wrong direction for communities across the state of Florida. We are reminded that this is a moment to escalate our fight to protect our most vulnerable persons, to celebrate where we come from, and to expose and document how these politics harm the economic and psychological health of our families.”
– Guadalupe De La Cruz, Organizer, WeCount!