To become an NDLON member, an applying organization should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a non-profit organization.
  • Work with day laborers (the workers who are employed through temp agencies are also considered part of the day labor community)
  • Work on organizing and leadership development of the day labor community.
  • Adopt the Mission, Vision, Principles and Resolutions which have been agreed upon at NDLON’s National Conventions; among them, the policy on gender, respect for the LGBTQ community and the indigenous community.
  • Participate in NDLON activities: National and regional conventions, campaigns, monthly phone call meetings of the National Coordinating Committee and others.
  • Participate in the regional organizing in their area.
  • Pay the annual membership dues ($150 for organizations with an operating budget of less than $100K and $300 for organizations with operating budgets of more than $100K)


  • A staff member of NDLON or an NDLON member organization in the region, can visit the applying organization to present about who we are and what NDLON does, and to hear about the work of the organization is being visited.
  • The organization that is applying submits an application letter to NDLON’s executive director, with a copy to the East and West Coast coordinators. The coordinators will follow up on the application process.
  • The person who visited the organization should provide a written report and make recommendations to the NDLON Executive Director with a copy to the NDLON staff.
  • The coordinator makes the proposal for membership to NDLON’s National Coordinating Committee call, so that this body can take a vote to approve or not approve the membership application.


If there is an NDLON member in the same region that has a problem with the applying organization, there will be a mediation process to resolve the difficulty, in order to be able to bring the membership application to a vote after it is resolved.

For more information:

Verónica Federovsky
West Coast

Francisco Pacheco
East Coast


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