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White House Budget Reflects Administration’s Inaccuracy and Contradiction on Immigration
The President Cannot Deport His Way to Reform
This morning, the White House released its 2015 budget proposal, outlining its priorities and requesting to fund programs aimed at fulfilling its deportation quota. The budget proposal also highlights the inaccuracy of White House statements related to its deportation record. 
In December, the President told Ju Hong, a young undocumented immigrant who interrupted his speech asking for help for his family, that he has no power to reduce deportations; a statement later debunked by a formal rulemaking petition submitted to the Department of Homeland Security.  While in 2011, White House Domestic Policy and former director of NCLR, Cecilia Muñoz, told PBS “even broken laws have to be enforced,” incorrectly citing the Congressional budget as the basis of an apparent deportation quota.  
Reacting to the 2015 budget proposal, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statements:

“The President’s budget belies his rhetoric on immigration, and it calls into question whether he is sincere about protecting immigrants and advancing immigration reform in the Congress.   Every proposed dollar for disasterous programs like Se Communities or 287(g) is a dollar misspent on a destructive,  inhumane, and wasteful deportation machine.


The administration cannot hide its own record behind Republican’s extremism when it continues to propose funding for extremely cruel enforcement.   The President must stop ratifying the premises of the nativists, and he must resolve the hypocrisy reflected in his budget.   His “enforcement first” deportation gambit has failed miserably.  It has failed immigrants, and it has failed in Congress.  It’s time for a new course.   If he truly supports the path to citizenship passed in the Senate, his proposed budget should reflect that.  He can’t be an immigration reformer and the deporter-in-chief at the same time. ” 


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