During the customer satisfaction day laborers learned and shared their expertise on the basic principals of customer satisfaction. Through various activities day laborers learn and analyze how providing quality service results on repeated business. This work also helps identify and expand strategies for building lasting relationships with good employers. The discussion on this work also leads to finding methods to constantly measure the quality of the service being provided.


On the work ethics work the day laborers revised past experiences and through skit presentation and other activities day laborers analyzed how making a strong first impression with employers shows that you’re ready for the job. The day laborers learned and shared their knowledge on how to develop a stronger work ethics through practice of key values. Collectively through critical process day laborers learn to promote work ethics that establish a strong sense of dignity and responsibility at the workplace.


The level of participation of the day laborers helped enormously with the development of the works. The knowledge and information obtained from the analysis and discussions will help day laborers and organizers improve conditions at the centers and corners to attract new employer and to maintain positive relations with existing ones. The input of day laborers will also contribute to the improvement of the content of such works, which will continue to be provided at the centers and corners across the country with member organizations.  

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