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December 8,  2016
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Day Laborer Network Statement on Pres-Elect Trump Labor Secretary Pick

Los Angeles— On Thursday, President- elect Trump announced the selection of Andy Puzder for Secretary of Labor, pending approval. Mr. Puzder is the CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. parent company CKE Restaurants, a multi-national fast food conglomerate. In 2012 Puzder’s salary and compensation was reported as $4.485 million by Bloomberg, and he has been a vocal opponent of any minimum wage increases.

In response to the selection, Cal Soto, Workers Rights Coordinator for the National Day Laborer Organizing network issued the following statement:

“Almost across the board, president-elect Donald J. Trump’s cabinet choices are millionaires who have dedicated their careers to exploiting workers and doing everything possible to eliminate benefits and protections for them. Andy Puzder is a fast food executive that makes almost 300 times the amount of his employees in any given day, yet he still opposes minimum wage increases for the working people of this country.”

“It is clear that the incoming administration will not only launch a full-scale assault on the rights of immigrants, but is also prepared to do the same to workers across the country. The Secretary of Labor will have discretion on how federal wage enforcement is funded, what wage-theft cases are pursued, and how to preserve the lives of workers through health and safety regulations.”

“Now more than ever it is crucial to continue the local fights for worker justice. For example,  Fight For 15 has achieved tremendous victories that are benefiting all workers; we must continue to unapologetically support their efforts.

“Day laborers, who have been on the front lines of this fight for decades, are now facing immense criminalization as immigrants and will likely be confronted with many more attempts to exploit their labor as protections from the federal government are rolled back. But even now, on the corners and in worker centers throughout the country, they are actively defending and preserving the rights of all workers.”

“No matter who takes over the highest office, day laborers will continue to stand and fight to ensure safe and just workplaces for all, and NDLON will continue to support these efforts.”


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