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NDLON:  “Not One More Delay Suspending Deportations” 

(Los Angeles) In reaction to the readout from the President’s meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Pablo Alvarado issued the following statement: 

“Relief delayed is relief denied.   The President has no excuse to continue his unjust deportation policy, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should not delay joining what is now a consensus position that the President can and should suspend deportations, expand deferred action, and end the disgraceful Se Communities program.     It is clear that the House of Representatives is held hostage by a vigilante wing of the Republican Party.  In our view, the only way to ensure that the adults regain control of the GOP is for the President to take every single step allowed under existing law to stop deportations.    It’s time for the President to lead by example, regardless of what the Joe Arpaio’s of the world say.”  
NDLON launched a petition calling on the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to issue its resolution to halt deportations without delay at

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