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January 31st 2017
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BREAKING: In Face of Trump’s Threats, California is Doubling Down- Not Backing Down- on Sanctuary protections

Landmark Legislation (SB54) Makes First Significant Step Forward

Los Angeles, CA – On Tuesday morning, California Senate Bill 54 (SB54) was debated in its first public hearing since its introduction in December. SB54, or the California Values Act, was introduced by Senator Leader Kevin de León is supported by an overwhelming consensus among immigrant rights community.   Over eighty activists and supporters of the legislation organized a caravan, on very short notice, to travel to Sacramento in support of the bill.

In response to today’s committee vote, Pablo Alvarado, Director of NDLON issued the following statement:

“As a community, we are organized and prepared to face whatever threats come our way. We refuse to fall into President Trump’s trap of dividing our community and further criminalizing our people.   Particularly as immigrants come together to defend against Trump’s attacks, we will fight along side California lawmakers seeking to get police and sheriffs out of the deportation business once and for all.  When signed into law, SB 54 will protect all California residents, it will propel the sanctuary city movement, and it will serve as a model for the nation.”


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