Blustery winds and dark clouds on a recent weekday morning combined with a down economy meant there would be no work for the dozen men and two women in the waiting area of the Nevada State Day Labor Office. Meanwhile, business owners and homeowners across the region scratched their heads as they compared the odd jobs that need to be done against tight budgets. Rick Healy wants to bring the two needs together. Healy is the day labor manager for the office, which is part of Nevada JobConnect and operates under the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation. The office located on Galletti Way and Kietzke Lane registers laborers, ensures they are legally authorized to work in the United States and matches them with potential employers. Those looking for work show up each morning by 7 a.m. hoping to pick up a job from the few that are available. “A few years ago it was possible to make a fairly decent income as a day laborer,” Healy said.

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