The Justice GA closed Sunday night with a rousing final worship. After five days of learning about immigration issues and after Saturday night’s massive candlelight vigil at the Tent City jail, GA participants gathered one last time before heading home to continue justice work there. The service opened with the group Emma’s Revolution inviting the congregation to sing with them a song they wrote the night before. It was called “Shut Down Tent City. No More Sheriff Joe.” The service featured the GA choir which had been practicing all week. One piece was “Grow a Heart,” with words by the Rev. Wendy Williams. It was arranged by Keith Arnold, minister of music at Jefferson Unitarian Church, Golden, Colo. Arnold has been choir director for this GA. The Rev. Fred Small, senior minister at First Parish, Cambridge, Mass., led the hall in learning and singing a song from the South Carolina Sea Islands, called Tree of Life. The theme: “Ain’t you got a right to the tree of life?”

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