The Sacramento Bee
End ICE’s hold on law enforcement agencies
April 13, 2012
By Julia Harumi Mass

By giving officers an incentive to arrest “foreign-looking” individuals for minor infractions or no reason at all, S-Comm undermines the Constitution’s guarantees of due process and equal protection and encourages racial profiling.

La Opinion
California No Es Arizona
por Hector Villagra y Pablo Alvarado
June 23, 2012

En California, donde más de un cuarto de la población del estado nació en otro país y más de 40% de la población del estado está formada por inmigrantes y sus hijos, debemos dejar que la policía sea policía, en vez de convertirlos en agentes de inmigración.

The Sacramento Bee
Immigration enforcement is on wrong side of history
July 1, 2012
By Pablo Alvarado

Se Communities erodes public safety because it deters witnesses and victims of crime from contacting or collaborating with local police for fear of deportation… The Trust Act, Assembly Bill 1081, will create a bright line between police and immigration authorities and could become a model for states looking to modify the impact of the Se Communities program.

ACLU – Blog of Rights
TRUST Act: California Could Set National Model for Correcting the Damage Done by S-Comm
July 23, 2012
By Danielle Riendeau

The TRUST Act, if it becomes law in California, could create a national model for states that want to reaffirm that state and localities – not DHS – know best how to protect their communities and to solve local crime.  In doing this, states can help restore community trust in law enforcement, bolster the integrity of local police and make all our communities safer.

U-T San Diego
Trust Act seeks to end trivial immigrant arrests
By Samuel Rodriguez
August 2, 2012

California can do better. We can focus our law enforcement resources on serious criminals, not on mothers and fathers simply trying to make a better life for their kids.

Fox News Latino
California’s TRUST Act Helps Local Law Enforcement Prioritize
By Ali Noorani
August 25, 2012

Via the inaccurately named Se Communities program, federal immigration officials have asked local jails to lengthen stays for people suspected of violating the immigration code — and localities must pick up the tab. As a result, valuable local police resources are distracted from combating crime and innocent immigrants who are not a public safety threat are caught in the web of poorly designed enforcement programs.

Sign the TRUST Act
Unfortunately, we in California are still not immune from all ill-advised anti-immigrant practices. Fortunately, the California state legislature has sent to Governor Jerry Brown Assembly Bill (AB) 1081, also known as the “TRUST Act”, which would prevent federal government errors and poor judgments — a result of pushing deportations to record levels — from disrupting families, businesses, and communities across California.

The Huffington Post
TRUST Act Breaks Through in California

By Alex Nowrasteh
August 31, 2012

If the possibility of deportation is increased with SCOMM, fewer unauthorized immigrants and their legal families will go out on a limb to help police solve real crime. The TRUST Act limits the growing distrust between immigrants and police.

San Francisco Examiner
Legislation would help protect vulnerable immigrants
By Tom Ammiano
September 2, 2012

The misconception is that Se Communities detainer requests from ICE somehow carry the force of federal law. This is what Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca wants people to believe. Although The Examiner rightly criticized the anti-immigrant, anti-minority practices of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it didn’t seem to realize that California also has lawmen who seem to want to follow in Arpaio’s footsteps.

New York Times
Trust, Immigrants and Governor Brown.
by Lawrence Downes

There is a significant and immediate step Gov. Jerry Brown of California can take to protect community safety and civil liberties in his state. He can sign the TRUST Act.

The Huffington Post
TRUST Act Deceit: Federal Government Deceives Sheriffs Into Detaining Immigrants

By David Bier
September 11, 2012

When the Bush administration first introduced S-Comm in 2008, it was clear that participation was voluntary. Localities had to sign up to participate, and ICE recruited just eleven jurisdictions. But the Obama administration has attempted to convince police departments that involvement is mandatory.

Huffington Post
Nancy Pelosi, 21 Other California Congresspeople endorse TRUST Act
September 13, 2012.

Today we join countless law enforcement leaders, mayors, and legal scholars who already have lent their support to the TRUST Act . We encourage you to sign the bill that has been presented to you by the legislature and to continue California’s proud tradition of being a leader on smart and sensible policy solutions.

Deporting Loving Moms Hurts Us All
By Reshma Shamasunder
September 21, 2012

Many immigrant mothers in the US are being cruelly and forcefully torn away from their children. As a mom, I am appalled by what the Federal “Se Communities” (S-Comm) deportation program is doing to parents and children across this country.

The Hill – Congress Blog
An immigration fix in California: Governor Brown should sign the TRUST Act
By Rep. Michael Honda
September 25, 2012

The TRUST Act alleviates a serious budget burden for California taxpayers and local law enforcement. California police departments bear over $65 million a year in unreimbursed immigration hold costs.

The Huffington Post
And Pigs “May” Fly

By Hector Villagra
September 20, 2012

John Morton, the director of U.S. Immigrations and Enforcement (ICE), has suggested that policies that restrict compliance with immigration detainers “may” violate federal law. If he thinks this is true of the TRUST Act, a bill that now sits on Governor Brown’s desk, all I can say is this: Yes, and pigs “may” fly.

The Sacramento Bee
Discretion should rule in immigration cases
By Cruz Reynoso
September 21, 2012

When I hear about injustices like the near-deportation of the “tamale lady,” my heart sinks. I’m relieved common sense eventually prevailed in her case, but sadly, many more immigrant Californians are not so fortunate.

Lambda Legal
Lambda Legal Urges California Governor to Sign Immigration Bill

September 21, 2012

S-Comm actions currently affect people with no criminal history, sweeping them into immigration proceedings and tearing families apart. This is especially acute for LGBT immigrants and those living with HIV, who know all too well how easily people who are perceived to ‘look different’ or ‘act different’ can be singled out for harassment and persecution.

Vista News
Martin Sheen Supports TRUST Act, Offended by Arizona Policies
September 25, 2012

“Too many men and women who are not guilty of any crime have been caught in the web of a program meant to help our nation prioritize deportations. … the real story of why we need the Trust Act lies in its human cost to decent men and women pushed out of our country for little more than trying to make ends meet.”

Rainbox Push
Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. Letter to Governor
by Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr
September 26, 2012

 New York Times
Governor Brown Should Sign the TRUST Act
September 26, 2012
by Lawrence Downes

The Trust Act is important. It’s not, by itself, going to solve a grossly dysfunctional national immigration system. It’s just one state trying to be level-headed and proportionate about who gets deported, which families get split up, and which policing strategies are smartest, most effective and most humane.
TRUST Act is Next Step to Keep Immigrants’ Dreams Alive
by Neidi Dominguez

California has devoted too many scarce resources to this federal program that does more harm than good.  The roughly $65 million dollars the state has spent to imprison immigrants takes money away from more resourceful ways to spend taxpayer dollars.  Money wasted on Se Communities would pay the salaries of more than 1,400 teachers or put more than 5,000 students through their first year at any University of California campus.

Huffington Post Religious Voices
California’s TRUST Act Would Advance Social Justice, Uphold Core Religious Ideals
September 27, 2012
by Michael Meiler, S.J

Our religious traditions call upon us to recognize the humanity and equality of all people. The importance of fairness is enshrined in the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Yet inhumane detentions of immigrants in local jails have put those values at risk. The TRUST Act would uphold these core principles.

LA Times
Yes to the TRUST Act
September 27, 2012
by Cardinal Mahoney

Last week, a court ruling allowed Arizona to implement a shameful part of its immigration law, unleashing profiling and discrimination across that state. Meanwhile, a federal deportation program — the misnamed Se Communities — that mostly sweeps up the innocent and those with minor convictions is hurting our immigrant brothers and sisters across the country.

But if Gov. Jerry Brown signs the Trust Act, which the Legislature passed and sent to him, this month would instead be a turning point.

Pacific Sun
Marin County Supes Call on Brown to Sign TRUST Act
by Jason Walsh
September 27, 2012

The Marin County Board of Supervisors is urging Gov. Brown to put his trust in the “Trust Act,” a law approved by the state legislature that would restrict state law enforcement officials from abiding by a federal program to detain illegal-immigration suspects.

TRUST Would Be Watershed Moment on Journey to Recognize Our Full Humanity
September 28, 2012
by Jose Antonio Vargas

Sitting on the Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk is the most important piece of legislation for immigrant communities this year. By signing the bill, called the TRUST Act, Brown can prevent the separation of thousands of families, establish an alternative to Arizona’s approach and send a powerful message to the nation: In a state built and replenished by generations of immigrants, fairness and equality matter.

Pass the TRUST Act and Restore Faith in Police
September 28, 2012.
by JONATHAN BIBRIESCA, Orange County Dream Team

Despite the complaints of some sheriffs who would prefer California to look more like Jan Brewer’s Arizona, we have the chance to move the state forward.



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