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January 4, 2016
Contact: Salvador Sarmiento,

REACTION: Trump stigmatizes people with his dehumanizing language, President Obama deports them

Los Angeles, CA—In response to the White House’s new efforts to rev-up deportations, this time of women and children refugees, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), made the following statement:

“The White House’s targeting of refugee families is unnecessary and immoral, but sadly not surprising. It is emblematic of the Obama administration’s failed approach to immigration.

“For seven years, the Obama Administration has never missed an opportunity to move its immigration policy to the right to win a few political points. Now, as Trump’s racist discourse becomes normalized in US politics, the Obama administration chooses to double down on its shameful deportation policy. The sad truth is that President Obama’s actions are more vile than Trump’s words. Trump stigmatizes people with his dehumanizing language; President Obama deports them.

“There are dark motives behind DHS’ latest raids based on cold political calculation rather than sound legal analysis. Make no mistake: these raids are immoral, and justifications for violating human rights are never acceptable. The idea that deporting some people is somehow necessary for others to get relief is idiotic. This election year, there are no political points to be gained for Democrats thru increased deportations. Republicans gain more from these misguided efforts to appease the Trump-wing of US politics.

“The White House’s assertion that this increased enforcement will somehow deter families that are escaping terrible violence is equally preposterous. If a deterrent is needed, then the situation is not under control as the White House has claimed. As long as their countries of origin are more life threatening than the already treacherous journey north, people will seek refuge.

“That it’s refugee women and children in ICE’s enforcement crosshairs today speaks to the dangerous callousness of the President’s political calculations. The policy is a disgrace; it diminishes the United States’ standing on the world stage. The mass detention and deportation machinery must be dismantled, not revved up.

“The President has roughly one year left to change course and avoid the enduring legacy of deporter-in-chief. Immigrant and refugee families do not have the luxury of time. The President and his enablers should cease these raids immediately and focus resources and attention on the preservation of immigrant and refugee rights. Basic decency requires no less.”


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