Welcome to Arizona, where the only thing worse than the fear and propaganda perpetuated by a government gone wild is what people with the temerity to have been born with dark skin must endure accordingly. Arizona has thrown itself into the teeth of an immigration debate that divides and angers as much as any in the country. Between the controversial SB 1070 law, which encouraged racial profiling, and its continued offshoots – the latest is trying to criminalize blocking traffic to pick up a day laborer, which might as well be saying, "We don’t want people to work" – politicians have stigmatized immigrants, lumping those who want to earn an honest living in with those committing crimes that actually are harmful to society.

Read more http://sports.yahoo.com/news/team-mexico–including-world-series-hero-sergio-romo–feels-hostility-amid-arizona-s-immigration-fight-024742833.html

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