“The announcement leaves unresolved the serious constitutional flaws at the heart of S-Comm and detainers. Under the new policy, ICE will continue to issue immigration detainers  pre-conviction, turning our precious notion of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ on its head.  ICE has proven time and time again that it cannot reform itself.  While we wait for the President to bring ICE in line with his reform priorities, states and cities across the country will see today as a springboard to advance their own policies to protect their residents from harm and to keep our families together.” – Jessica Karp, Staff Attorney

“Any reform to a policy that has devastated so many lives in the past year is a relief. Whether today’s announcement is significant or more lip-service from a rogue agency can only be determined when we see if next year’s deportation numbers come down from this year’s appalling heights. Meanwhile, those whose organizing forced the agency to make this reform will be doubly inspired to continue our work for further progress.” – Sarahi Uribe, National Organizer



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