Events in Phoenix, Elsewhere Protest SB1070 and Similar Federal Deportation Programs

April 23, 2012. Phoenix, AZ.
Groups across the country are preparing for the Supreme Court hearing of the Department of Justice’s suit against SB1070 on Wednesday.  The Arizona bill passed in 2010 made the state synonymous with racial profiling and marred its reputation as a ‘capitol of prejudice.’ While the majority of the bill has been enjoined and has yet to go into effect, Arizona communities and local groups in other states claim to be experiencing the bills intent, “attrition through enforcement,” as a result of similar federal immigration policies.  

On Wednesday the 25th, events will be held in cities across the country to call on the Supreme Court to strike down SB1070 and call on the federal government to terminate similar federal deportation programs, such as the failed “Se Communities” program, that enlist local law enforcement as “force multipliers” in immigration law.  In multiple cities, groups are pushing for local solutions that restore trust in law enforcement that has been eroded by immigration policies.

“Neither state laws nor the federal government can enlist our local law enforcement in the dirty work of deportation,” explains Sarahí Uribe of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network. “As the Supreme Court hears the Department of Justice’s suit against SB1070, all of our cities are faced with the responsibility to show that we will not be another Arizona. Most cities understand our families belong together, it’s police and ICE that should be separated.”

Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona added, “In Arizona we’re facing a human rights crisis. The government’s persistent collaboration with Sheriff Arpaio despite his notorious profiling is reinforcing the climate of hate that SB1070 sought to create and is recreating it across the country through its own deportation policies. We’re protesting for a new day in Arizona. As the Supreme Court deliberates, the jury for us is already in. SB1070 and similar federal policies need to be struck down.”  

Visit for information and contacts for actions in Boston, Hartford, Washington, DC, Phoenix, Dallas, Homestead, FL, and Knoxville, TN among others.

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