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NDLON Reacts to LA County Renewal of 287(g) Agreement with ICE

Los Angeles, CA – In reaction to the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors voting to renew it’s 287(g) agreement at the request of the current unelected Sheriff, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), issued the following statement:

“It’s not unexpected from Supervisor Molina, who failed to monitor the program locally or keep pace with the rest of the country, to see the Board’s reckless vote today. Molina’s stigmatization of the victims of enforcement casts a cloud of suspicion over the entire immigrant community and ignores the realities of criminalization.  

The Board’s symbolic votes illustrates their failed leadership and the trust deficit elected officials have with communities, but it will not be what determines Los Angeles’ future.

The 287(g) program will likely be terminated at the federal level, and we will work with the next Sheriff and the new Board to ensure Los Angeles County takes appropriate steps to restore trust in law enforcement, respect civil rights, and protect all residents.”


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