The demand for the President to stop deportations is only growing louder, and our community will not take ‘no’ for an answer. 
Unless the President alters course, he risks cementing his legacy as having presided over the most anti-immigrant administration in history.  History books will blame the President and not congress for a hypocritical and shameful period of immigrant expulsion.  For too long, President Obama has empowered the most most repugnant voices from the Republican party to mask his own policies of attrition as the lesser of two evils.   
While the President seems to content to seek political advantage in the worsening status quo, those whose lives hang in the balance will not accept inaction. Oppressed people have always won inclusion and legalization through determination, courage, and sacrifice.  Across the country, immigrant communities are refusing to be expelled from the country they call home, and they are asserting their right to remain.  In the process, they are defending bedrock constitutional rights and cherished national values, and they’re inspiring others to join their cause.    
We continue to invite the President to be the champion he promised to be.”