Supreme Court Should Strike Down Arizona Bill, Local March to Call for End to Similar Federal Programs.




Who: A Wide Coalition of Organizations 

When: April 25th. March to begin at 3pm Arizona Time.

Where: Opening Rally at Civic Space Park


March: Highlighting Phoenix PD, Federal Courthouse, 4th Ave Jail, Wells Fargo Tower, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and returning to Civic Space Park.


On April 25th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Department of Justice lawsuit against the state of Arizona’s SB1070. At the same time, communities in Arizona will come together to participate in a march to protest against the state bill and call for an end to both state and federal policies that erode civil rights, promote racial profiling, and enable local law enforcement such as Sheriff Arpaio to use immigration policy to enforce their prejudice.


Carlos Garcia of Puente states, “With SB1070 Arizona declared a war of attrition on immigrants. What was started in Arizona quickly lead to the Arizonificaiton of this country, one that treats undocumented immigrants as criminals and treats all Latinos as undocumented.”    


Opal Tometi of Black Alliance For Just Immigration explains, “April 25th doesn’t just mark a decision for the Supreme Court. The human rights violations now plain as day in Arizona create a moral dilemma for all of us. We will be marching because we refuse to live another day in Attrition. We ask that all those who believe you should not be judged by the color of your skin to join us in turning the tide from hate to a new day for human rights.”


Diana Perez of Puente relates, “Maricopa County has been in a human rights crisis created by both state and federal policies that we’ve only seen spread in the past two years. On April 25th we’ll be marching to say that we will not comply with the hate contained in SB1070. The Supreme Court should strike down 1070 and the federal government should re-evaluate its embrace of Arizona-style policies.”

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