Tefere Gebre, Executive VP, AFL-CIO: 


“We congratulate our brothers and sisters from Philadelphia in their courageous stand for immigrant workers and families. Philadelphia’s decision to refuse to honor ICE’s abuse-ridden immigrant holds will protect all workers from unscrupulous employers using immigration status as an excuse to retaliate against workers that speak out against abuse and organize for better working conditions.” 


Lorella Praeli, Policy Director, United We Dream:


“As Philadelphia passes one of the most progressive policies in eliminating local police cooperation with ICE officials, we’re hoping that mayors from cities across the country are watching, and realizing that more can be done to stop the unjust and immoral deportations happening in their communities.


This executive order also fights back against President Obama’s enforcement and deportation machine, one created only to separate hardworking families. There are clear steps the President can take to ease the pain in our communities through executive action, one that would stop deportations and provide affirmative relief to the undocumented community.”


Eddie Carmona, Campaign Manager, PICO National Network:


“Immigration detainers are inhumane, tear apart families, and destroy confidence by the immigrant community in local law enforcement. Mayor Nutter and the City of Philadelphia are showing the country the path forward to reestablish the lost trust and highlight the broad need for a humane and compassionate detention system that focuses on family and a system that prioritizes due process of the law. This new policy in Philadelphia reflects broad consensus from the faith community against local-police collaborating.”



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