“Imagine the president who promised immigration reform in 2008 and now as a result of his own policies, two million who would have benefited from that reform have been expelled from the country,” said B. Loewe, a spokesman for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network, a group that organizes deportation protests. Despite an announcement in August by US Attorney General Eric Holder on recalibrated nonviolent-criminal prosecutions and reduced prison populations, no measures have emerged to curb prosecution of immigration offenses. On Monday, President Obama was interrupted during a speech in California by activists urging him to use an executive order to halt deportations rather than wait for congressional approval. “Please use your executive order!” shouted the protester, who was behind Obama on stage at the San Francisco event. “You have the power to stop deportations!” he added. “Actually, I don’t,” Obama said, waving off security personnel aiming to remove the protester and others joining him. “He can stay there…. I respect the passion of these young people.”

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