New Orleans Day Laborers Move Immigration Reform Forward Through Historic Agreement with Sheriff
Precedent-Setting Agreement Protects Against Racial Profiling, Unconstitutional Detention by Rejecting Burdensome ICE Hold Requests 
New Orleans, LA – August 13, 2013
In response to the far-reaching agreement between Sheriff Gusman and New Orleans day laborers that directs Orleans Parish Jail to reject ICE hold requests as a result of theChaco v Gusman lawsuit filed by the New Orleans Worker Center for Racial Justice and the organizing of the Congress of Day Laborers, Pablo Alvarado, Executive Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network issued the following statement:
“Today, we have day laborers to thank for moving immigration reform forward and for creating a safer and fairer New Orleans. As a result of their work, the criminalization of migrants and the destruction of families are being turned back.   By breaking ICE’s hold on their community, by organizing and defending their rights, they have set a powerful example of the potential to advance immigration reform at the local level.
President Obama’s Se Communities deportation program has roped local law sheriffs into a complicated and unjust immigration system, eroding public safety and jeopardizing civil rights in every jurisdiction.  The violations that the agreement with the Sheriff is stopping today should be ended whole by the Obama Administration through a complete termination of the failed S-Comm program. Meanwhile, we expect other jurisdictions will follow New Orleans’ lead by implementing sound policies to protect residents’ rights and safety.  In particular, we hope Jerry Brown takes note of this historic settlement and uses it as further reason to sign the California TRUST ACT, which we hope will set a course for other states seeking to go in the opposite direction of Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama. “

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