“The President has a choice.  He can galvanize a national consensus and make clear that reform is inevitable, or he can simply blame Republicans and let immigration be used as a political issue.  If the President does not take bold steps soon, he risks resting in full agreement with Rep. Goodlatte and forging a new bipartisan consensus based on the preservation of a worsening status quo and a disregard for the rights of immigrants.”
Marisa Franco, national organizer for NDLON, added, “Anytime Beltway conventional wisdom – which has failed immigrants for over a decade – is declared ‘dead,’  it also opens room for real progress.  The truth is that power for immigration reform is built from the outside, in spite of any grand partisan proclamations from politicians within DC.”
“Unlike past years, we are not going to accept Democrats and Republicans simply using immigration as an election year issue.  There are multiple ways forward and our community will push on all of them.  The demand for results is now irrefutable and unstoppable. We won’t take no for an answer.”