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Thursday, January 18, 2024
Contact: Salvador Sarmiento,

NDLON reacts to DHS First Attempt at DALE Renewal Guidelines

New York, NY – In response to DHS announcing new guidelines for renewal of its deferred action for labor enforcement (“DALE”) workplace protections, NDLON National Campaign Strategist Jorge Torres made the following statement:

“Not good enough. Arbitrary and unjust immigration enforcement endangers workers, undermines labor standards, and emboldens xenophobes to scapegoat immigrant workers. President Biden promised he would be the most pro worker president in history, but until he demonstrates leadership to ensure immigrant workers get the respect we deserve, he will fall short.

“Today’s announcement of the DALE renewal process acknowledges that DHS undermines the DOL, but it doesn’t do nearly enough to solve the underlying problem. To the extent there’s a silver lining here, it is the clear existence of untapped legal authority retained by the White House. We need political courage, not political cowardice to honor the millions of immigrant workers who are vital to the health of the nation and to reverse the exploitation of immigrants.

President Biden himself needs to intervene to make DALE a reality for every single immigrant who has ever had his or her rights violated at the workplace. Until President Biden steps up, the way President Obama did with DACA, we will continue our work demanding equal rights.”

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