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Tuesday, February 5, 2021

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NDLON Calls for Action from President Biden Following Disgraceful Vote in US Senate

Los Angeles, CA – Salvador G. Sarmiento, National Campaign Director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) released the following statement following passage of the Young Amendment to exclude undocumented immigrants from federal pandemic related stimulus aid during the Votarama:

“Yesterday’s vote was a signal that Trumpism did not end on January 20th, and it was a reminder to those of us who experience anti-immigrant racism that we cannot be complacent in the days ahead. While on some level merely symbolic, the vote was also an early test of President Biden’s leadership. Will he use his political capital, moral authority, and bully pulpit to reign-in members of his party from taking ‘chickens–t votes’ that have very real consequences for our community? Will he communicate unequivocally with the American public about the fundamental immorality of denying life-saving assistance because of political cowardice and xenophobia?

“We denounce and condemn those Senators whose votes drew specific praise from a hate group, and we call upon President Biden to immediately and publicly appeal for unity within the Democratic Party against these divisive actions. The party must speak with one voice when it comes to the urgent need to advance the political, economic, and legal equality of immigrant families. This is not a political issue. It is a matter of life and death. What good are empty promises of a path to citizenship when ostensible allies in the Senate deny our humanity?

“President Biden has pledged to deliver on promises made along the campaign trail. He can start by using his office to ensure Democrats speak with one voice.”

And please note…As long as the US government policy condemns immigrant workers to heightened risk of death, the community must step up to protect itself. NDLON and a team of artists are joining forces to offer beautiful face coverings in exchange for donations made to the Immigrant Worker Safety Net Fund. Please consider making a contribution here. Solo el Pueblo Salva al Pueblo.


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