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November 10, 2016
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National Day Laborer Network Calls for Broad-based “Alto Trump” Campaign to Defend Immigrant Rights in Short Term and Confront Systemic Racism in Long Term

Groups Convene Popular Assembly in Los Angeles on Tuesday November 15th, Launch National Web-based Platform

Los Angeles ­— As the reality sinks in that President-elect Donald J. Trump will soon control the executive branch of government, day laborers and immigrant rights activists gathered in Los Angeles to announce a call to action for immigrants and people of color to resist fear, gather resources, and prepare to defend their civil rights.

There is widespread belief that Trump’s electoral victory is a direct result of ascendent white nationalism and is a reassertion of systemic white supremacy within the US government. While it is impossible to predict what Trump will do when in office, immigrant rights organizations are taking steps to prepare for what lies ahead in light of the explicit and sustained attacks on immigrants during Trump’s presidential campaign.

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) plans to reboot a successful campaign it led to resist Arizona’s SB1070 through its website and related organizing. Today, NDLON announced the creation of, a portal that will serve as a hub for its efforts to defend immigrants rights. The website will provide a place where people can contribute resources in support of immigrants, and it will itself be a resource serving immigrants who are organizing among themselves. Throughout the country, a series of Asambleas Populares are planned with the collaboration of worker centers and immigrant rights organizations nationwide, where local community organizations are preparing a bottom-up defense of basic human and civil rights.

“Our first task is to shed fear about what lies ahead. There is still uncertainty about what may come next, but what we do know is that the path forward will require a deep investment in our own community. We can not afford to place trust in the same political strategies that have failed. We must build and defend our own institutions,” said Pablo Alvarado, Director of NDLON. He continued, “President-elect Trump has essentially declared war against immigrants. We have no choice but to stand up and fight.”

“My son is young an undocumented. He could be detained or deported by the racist immigration policies of this country—and that risk became even greater with Tuesday’s election,” said Maria Cristina, day laborer and member of CARECEN. “I, along with many other mothers of migrants, will defend my son, at any cost. I will not allow Trump or ICE to stop me. A long time ago, I abandoned fear—and I am stronger today because of it. My community is too. The love we have for our families is much stronger than fear. We will continue to denounce unjust deportations. Fuera ICE! Alto Trump!” she concluded.

“In the midst of uncertainty, creating space to come together and consult each other as a community is the first step,” said Martha Arevalos, Director of CARECEN. “With that spirit and commitment to organize and strengthen our resolve, we are convening an Asamblea Popular—a Community Assembly—to discuss the new reality and decide how to move forward. The progress we’ve already made will not be halted by Trump,” she concluded.

Pablo Alvarado concluded, “We are calling for a broad based Alto Trump campaign to defend immigrant rights in the short term and to strengthen our efforts to confront systemic racism. The Alto Trump campaign will draw from our past experiences. We have learned is that families, neighbors and friends need to organize in their own communities and prepare to defend against the growing anti-immigrant vigilantes that espouse racist ideals and are planning to directly inflict violence on our communities. The hope lies within ourselves and we must trust that together we can build a grassroots movement to confront the challenges ahead.”

The first Asamblea Popular will be held on Tuesday, Nov 15 from 6PM to 9PM at CARECEN (Romero room), 2845 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90005. This Asamblea Popular de Los Angeles is being convened in collaboration by CARECEN, IDEPSCA and NDLON.

***There are a growing number of organizations involved in organizing the popular assemblies is growing and will be updated regularly at


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