This morning, two mothers chained themselves to the fence of the White House. Their act of civil disobedience was directed at President Obama, who every day is ripping 1,100 families apart. One of the protesters is a mother of three from Phoenix, Arizona. The other is a 53-year-old grandmother from Atlanta. Why is Obama single-handedly destroying their families? Because these women and their families are undocumented immigrants. The president has made comprehensive immigration reform a signature goal of his second term. And yet while Republicans in the House are—as usual—blocking his efforts while not proposing any solutions of their own, the President has the unilateral power to halt rampant deportations against the very people that immigration reform would help. If Obama is frustrated by inaction to help undocumented immigrants in America, why doesn’t he do something to stop the 1,100 deportations per day under his watch?

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