No matter the hot L.A. news item, it always seems to turn into an immigration debate.
And that should come as no surprise: Rough estimates have placed close to 1 million illegal immigrants in Los Angeles County. And whenever law enforcement or press come sniffing, the paperless are at risk of being outed.

This fear has reportedly played a large factor in the sheriff’s probe of Miramonte Elementary in unincorporated South L.A.:

Sheriff’s investigators have found around 600 photos, so far, of ex-teacher Mark Berndt allegedly feeding his bound-and-gagged students spoonfuls of his own semen — part of a sick “sex game” that went on for years.

Dozens of ex-teacher Mark Berndt’s potential victims could still be out there, as well as victims of two other pervy teachers at Miramonte. (Yes, it’s as messed up as it sounds.)

But some parents tell the Associated Press that “they aren’t talking to authorities because they are afraid that the Sheriff’s Department, which is in charge of the investigation, will refer them to immigration through the Se Communities program.”


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