“We are pleased that the unconstitutional hold on Mr. Gonzalez was lifted,” said ACLU/SC staff attorney Jennie Pasquarella.  “However, ICE’s placement of a hold on an American citizen only demonstrates its continued failure to adequately investigate whether a person is actually deportable before incarcerating them.”

In 2012, the ICE Los Angeles Field Office issued 36,450 immigration holds to jails and police stations throughout Southern California.

“ICE’s recognition that it incorrectly placed a hold on Mr. Gonzalez only further reflects the need for the systemic reform he seeks through this lawsuit,” said NDLON staff attorney Jessica Karp.  “It should not be the case that only those fortunate enough to file a lawsuit can challenge these holds.  Thousands of others sit in jails across the country on erroneous immigration holds without recourse to challenge them.”   

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