A reluctant City Council Tuesday voted unanimously to repeal a city law banning solicitation of employment or contributions from public streets, including the sidewalks. City Attorney James Markman told the council it had no choice because of a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that struck down Redondo Beach’s ordinance prohibiting the solicitation of employment, business or contributions while standing in public areas, including sidewalks. Markman told the council there is no way around this decision. “I don’t think you can craft an ordinance that makes it illegal,” said Markman. “With a 9th Circuit opinion staring us in the face, I don’t think we have a 1 percent chance. ” Councilman Steve Jones didn’t like the answer, but accepted it. “This is distasteful,” he said. “It would be financial imprudent of us to go against a court ruling. “

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