As Los Angeles and California are set to lead national reform, lessons learned from Chicago and elsewhere


Saturday Event Featuring Cook County Commissioner Garcia, MALDEF President, and  Legal Experts Make Case for Local Policy


What: Loyola Law School Forum: Immigrant Communities, Policing, and Safety

When: Saturday, December 1, 2012. 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Where: Loyola Law School, Robinson Courtroom (G102), 919 Albany St., Los Angeles, CA 90015

Who: Loyola Law School


          Jesus Garcia, County Commissioner, Cook County, Illinois

          Hiroshi MotomuraSusan, Professor of Law, UCLA Law School

          Aarti Kohli, Former Director of Immigration Policy at Warren Institute, Berkeley Law

          Thomas A. Saenz, President, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund

          Pablo Alvarado, Director, National Day Laborer Organizing Network

              Community, immigrant rights, and civil rights leaders from throughout California




As California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and Senator Kevin de León’ prepare to re-introduce the TRUST Act  on Monday with a pledge of support from Governor Jerry Brown, Loyola University will hold a forum in Los Angeles with legal experts and local officials to explore approaches to immigration and public safety.   The country appears ready to turn the tide on Arizona’s regressive policies, and California appears poised to lead the way.  Saturday’s event will be a timely discussion of an issue that has captured the attention of the nation.  


Actively endorsed by Mayor Villaraigosa, the TRUST ACT galvanized a consensus throughout the state of California that reform is necessary to the failed Se Communities Program.  Governor Brown has stated he will support a new version of the bill.


Still, the issue of local immigration reform remains riddled with complexity.   The Los Angeles Chief has promised unilateral reform while the Los Angeles Sheriff has faced protests and lawsuits for his Arizona-style approach.  


Within this context, Chicago has surpassed Los Angeles, and now stands out as a national model for reform.   The presence of commissioner Garcia will help illuminate path forward for California.



On Saturday, December 1, 2012 from noon to 3:00pm Loyola Law School will host a forum on cutting edge local policies on “Immigrant Communities, Policing, and Public Safety” that will provide expertise and illuminate ways forward based on emerging models from across the country.


Interviews available upon request.



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