Baldomero is a poultry worker and community leader, and was one of the 680 indigenous and Latino workers who were arrested in ICE’s racist and retaliatory workplace raids in 2019. After the raids, Baldomero and his wife Sylvia fought courageously to reunite and keep their family together. After serving time for a “re-entry” conviction, he was finally released.

Years later, on April 12th, Baldomero was arrested during his immigration check-in at the ICE field office in Pearl, Mississippi, and then transferred to ICE’s migrant prison at LaSalle, Louisiana. Today Baldomero faces deportation, but with your help we can ensure he remains home with his family and two young children, ages 5 and 9.

Here are Three Ways how you can support Baldmero’s Family:

  1. Sign the petition to send an email to ICE and Rep. Bennie Thompson, to release Baldomero and let him return to his family! Click Here to Sign!
  2. Make a donation to support Baldomero’s family to make sure they have their basic necessities as ICE continues to try to tear apart this family. Click Here to Donate
  3. Make a call and send a tweet to Rep. Bennie Thompson, Ranking Member of the US House Committee on Homeland Security. Ask his office to speak up for Baldomero’s family and Mississippi workers being targeted by ICE: Call his DC office at 202-225-5876 or send him a tweet by clicking here.

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