The descendants of Abraham are still living into the promise he received, that his offspring and his very name would bless the nations. Our immigration policy is not living up to that promise of blessing. While we have learned to speak of undocumented migrants rather than the oxymoronic “illegals,” there remains some deep irony in insisting that migrants have and carry (national) identification that participates in that lack of blessing. How can the action of Christians and other people who claim a heritage of justice help all people to be a blessing to the world? How will we challenge our legislators to reject fear and prejudice in favor of policies that assure reasonably fair access to labor, reunite families, and refrain from punishing able students who were brought here as children? We live with a dream of shalom, my friends. If we share that dream of a holy community like the one where the lion lies down with the lamb, where swords are beaten into plowshares…

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