05.10.2012 Phoenix, AZ. In response to the DOJ announcement that it will be suing Sheriff Arpaio after negotiations in its civil rights case failed and the Sheriff’s subsequent promise to appeal in what will be lengthy court proceedings, Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona released the following statement:

“While suing and investigating the Sheriff’s office, the federal government should end its own role in his historic violations of civil rights. We need immediate relief in Arizona not lengthy courtroom theater. As the Sheriff continues in office and SB1070’s supreme court decision looms ahead, the Administration has to decide whether it will continue to be an accomplice to racial profiling and family separation in Arizona or whether it will shut off programs like Se Communities that are at the center of Arpaio’s crimes.”

Puente Arizona is a Phoenix-based human rights organization leading the effort to bring Sheriff Arpaio to justice and restore rights in Maricopa County by ending police/ICE collaboration.


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