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Thursday March 30, 2023
Contact: Erik Villalobos,

Day Laborer Network Statement on Trump Indictment

(Los Angeles) A New York Grand Jury has voted to indict former US President Donald Trump over his involvement in ‘hush money’ payments. Pablo Alvarado made the following remarks in response to the indictment on behalf of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON): 

“The indictment of the former president gives all of us an opportunity for a moment of reflection and empathy with Mr. Trump and his misguided followers who are anguished and angry today.

To those who are raging against what they call the weaponization of law enforcement, who are appalled that the state might use its vast power to punish its targets based on shifting political priorities, and who want everyone to remember that a defendant is presumed  innocent until proven guilty in a court of law — to all of those living within a MAGA bubble who never heard the cries for justice and fairness made by immigrants, refugees, and their children, or who heard and did not listen, we say to them: 

We hear you. And now we hope you hear us. Together we can defend constitutional values shared by all. Mr. Trump should be presumed to be guilty of nothing criminal unless and until a jury of his peers, after carefully reviewing the evidence and facts, decides otherwise. 

As for his moral wrongdoing in stoking fear, intolerance and violence toward immigrants, in waging a campaign of terror  against the helpless and powerless — the court of public opinion has already rendered its verdict. History will judge harshly his brazen disregard for democracy and the very constitutional rights and protections he now clings to in his own defense.” – Pablo Alvarado, NDLON Co-Executive Director