Why the decision on SB 1070 has already been made – The Hill’s Congress Blog

As the Supreme Court sits down this week to hear oral arguments in Arizona v. United States, pharm legal analysts will dissect the constitutionality of Arizona’s SB 1070 from every possible angle. They will wrestle with questions of preemption and which party bears the burden of proof.  They will attempt to reconcile SB 1070’s controversial language and

Jeff Biggers: At Supreme Court, Arizona Leaves Affected Voices at Home: Q A With Carlos Garcia, Puente Human Rights Advocate

While Gov. Jan Brewer unceremoniously dumped her disgraced SB 1070 partner Russell Pearce from Arizona’s front seats at tomorrow’s historic Supreme Court hearing on the state’s controversial immigration law, the seminal voices of those most affected by Arizona’s punitive measures will remain tucked away in the shadows — and unheard, even in the