Activists staged a sit-in in and around Brown’s office. They hoped to meet with him about the TRUST Act, which would prevent undocumented immigrants who’ve committed minor crimes from being turned over to federal authorities for possible deportation. Brown vetoed similar legislation last year.  Carlos Alcala works in the office of Assembly member Tom Ammiano, who authored the bill. Alcala says his office has made some concessions to Brown in hopes of getting the governor’s signature this year. “We think that, still, tens of thousands of people will be protected under this bill from being held just because they’re selling tamales or their dog is barking or an unscrupulous employer turned somebody in, he says. Alcala says the list of crimes for which immigrants can be turned over to the feds was expanded. That concession concerns activist Luis Serrano, who says the bill could serve as a model for the country.

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