A coalition of Hispanic activist groups has announced a plan to take it upon themselves to “shut down” another federal agency next Monday. At a news conference outside the Phoenix Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, activists announced a “day of action” against ICE. Organizers say the Obama administration is about to set a shameful record: two million deportations since President Obama took office, more deportations than under any other President.  “He will become the deporter in chief,” said one protester.  “If the President won’t act, and Congress won’t act, we will,” said Carlos Garcia of Puente Arizona Organizers say they will march from Margaret T. Hance Park in central Phoenix to the ICE office on Central Ave. north of McDowell, where they will blockade any traffic coming and going to foil any deportations or detentions.

Read more http://www.kfyi.com/articles/arizona-news-118695/activists-plan-to-shut-down-ice-11721404/

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