A month after its passage, Sandy continues its ravages. In Staten Island, the island most affected by the hurricane, thousands of illegal immigrants who do not have access to federal assistance, are still living in the rubble and must rely on the charity of some private organizations and associations support immigrants. The Federal Emergency (FEMA) clearly requires its forms tax identification number, without which no claim can be made. The Agency may provide clothing and temporary shelter to undocumented immigrants, but not participate in the repair of their gutted houses. Parents of children born in the United States may request the assistance of the government, but some do not dare for fear of landing agents (ICE service immigration control and customs). “They are afraid uniforms. They do not feel at all reassured when they see soldiers of the National Guard or military,” even if they can not stop them, says Gonzalo Mercado, director of the association El Centro del Inmigrante

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