At least eight people will be spending the next four nights in sleeping bags in a south-side church to bring awareness to a national campaign. The campaign is calling for no more deportations. Cities as far east as New York are taking part in "The Fast." One of the goals, is calling for President Barack Obama to immediately stop deportations. The group in Tucson will spend five days and four nights at South-side Presbyterian Church near 10th Avenue and 22nd. The only thing they will have is water. The group feels that immigration raids and deportations are separating families. Flor Burruel is one of the 8 taking on the challenge of the fast. She understands that a deportation can take away a family member. She hasn’t seen her father in over three years, he’s currently going through the deportation process in North Carolina. "It’s nothing like the pain that you have when someone is taking away from you that you love," said Burruel.

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