Time is running out for Danilo Lopez, 23. The native of Chiapas, Mexico, who came to Vermont without government permission, is being deported. "Being kicked out will really feel sad," Lopez told WPTZ-TV with the assistance of an interpreter. "I’ve been living and working here for over six years." Lopez has become something of a public figure in Vermont. The former farmhand has spoken up for the state’s estimated 1,500 or more undocumented farm workers who are widely credited with keeping the state’s dairy industry running. He appeared at many rallies, provided testimony at the Vt. Statehouse, and helped push for a new state law that will give driving rights to migrant farm workers whose lack of citizenship previously would have kept them from obtaining legal ID cards.

Read more http://www.necn.com/06/25/13/Vt-deportation-fight-to-expand-into-Mass/landing_business.html?blockID=844859

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