As the Senate Judiciary Committee hears testimony related to immigration reform, the five families are clear examples of the 1,100 people still being deported on a daily basis and are calling on the President to suspend deportations so that those who would qualify for immigration reform are still in the country when it passes.


Locally, it is the role of the public advocate to respond to community concerns and advocate for those cases that should be granted discretion.

Families are asking supporters to call the ICE office at 504.599.7800 to support their cases.

The delegation entering the office today include:
Liliam Cornejo-Romero who fled her home country of Honduras in search of protection from her partner that physically and emotional abused her and her daughters. Instead of allowing Lili to pursue a political asylum claim, ICE is forcing her to leave the country by May 8th, only two weeks before she due to give birth to her third daughter.

Faviola Milan, a trans and undocumented women in Tennessee, is petitioning on behalf of her partner Misael Luis Santiago who has been in detention for more than two months after being pulled over on his way to work for driving 5 miles over the speed limit.

Angie Garcia Castro is asking that her husband, Lauriano Garcia-Zelaya, be released and his case be closed. Lauriano was profiled by ICE agents as they performed a raid on a New Orleans apartment complex. Despite not living in the apartments and having no record whatsoever, Lauriano could be deported at any moment.

Ana Castillo and her children will be advocating for her husband Martin Prado Vasquez who was on his way home from helping his brother with disabilities when he was indiscriminately detained in ICE “operations” in New Orleans.

Megan Macaraeg and her daughter Joana are fighting the removal of Joana’s father, Milton Molina, who was turned over to ICE by Tennessee police after being charged with a DUI that should not mean his children growing up without their father in their lives.

Petitions for each can be found at:


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