Press Release 
September 29, 2015
Contact: SG Sarmiento,

REACTION: Will North Carolina Become a New National Symbol of Hate?

Durham, North Carolina—In response to the North Carolina General Assembly’s sending anti-immigrant bill HB 318 to Governor Pat McCrory, Pilar Rocha-Goldberg, President of El Centro Hispano, made the following statement:

“North Carolina risks going down Arizona’s unwise path of exclusion and hate. While the rest of the country celebrated with the Pope a message about mercy and resisting polarization, these legislators choose to stain North Carolina’s reputation nationally and put us on a dangerous path to deliberate racial profiling and exclusion.

“Like Donald Trump, these legislators have demonstrated they are more interested in headlines than public safety or community well-being. Will North Carolina become a new national symbol of hate? We ask that Governor McCrory be wise enough to reject the path of hate and opportunism, and immediately vetoes this extremist piece of legislation.

“As members of NDLON, we will support and accompany any and every immigrant who fights back in defense of human and civil rights. Such despicable legislation is never acceptable, and where our families and our communities are threatened, we will not back down.”


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